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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Selberg figure is now a New Yorker

My Selberg dream is now in New York...enjoying the great weather.
A great basswood figure...a true work of art by master figure maker Tim Selberg.

Jillian and the new proud owner Sheree Brown- Rosner


smile said...

WOW, What a surprise to see myself on your Blog with Jillian and friends from the Summer we visited with at Lido Beach, in Long Island!
So far we have enjoyed attending events to spread SMILEs and Joy! Jillian sends her reguards to you and your family and wants you to know she is fitting in here and trying to set a good example for all the new kids she meets!
We will keep in touch since you are her Uncle in the Philippines which is all the way on the other side of the World from us!
LOVE your Blog, keep up the good work!!!

WANLU said...

Hi Sheree,

Thanks for posting in my Blog...I'm glad you are happy with your new Selberg figure...Jillian is certainly a true work of art.

My wife had her Ultra Sound already and is scheduled for another visit to the surgeon on Wednesday.

Please say hello to Jillian for me and tell her to behave and help the kids learn a lot from you :)

Thanks and say hello to everybody in New York...the City that Never Sleeps :)


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Thanks for the visit...

Thanks for the visit...