Thursday, August 30, 2007

My family

Here's a photo of my mom along with my 7 kids, Martin, Ivan, Kim, Kathleen, JC, Sam and Gabby

The next photo shows my eldest son Martin and my youngest son Gabby during a picnic in Tagaytay

The next photo shows my wife Debbie with my daughter Kathleen with my sons Gabby and Ivan during Ivan's graduation

My sister Connie, my niece Chiqui, my son Jc, my daughter Sam and my apo Shaine

My sister in law Paz and niece Carla

Lolo Oban's New Body

I managed to change Lolo Oban's mini legs to a pair of regular size legs. These legs where taken from my Dan Payes figure...

Lolo Oban will also have new regular size arms and newly carved hands...

The picture shows his new legs but no arms and hands yet...will post new photos soon which will feature the new figure with a new character.

Lou Hilario

Magician, Illusionist and Ventriloquist Lou Hilario is probably the Philippines' Number One Magician...
Lou has inspired me in my magic act as well as my vent act.

My performance style changed the moment I saw Lou Hilario's act 17 years ago.

My first encounter with him is at a party at the Valle Verde 5 Clubhouse where he performed as the magician and I was the party host...he performed with class and he was so entertaining...

My sincere gratitude to a good friend and inspiration...Mr Lou Hilario

Picture shows Lou with my wife Debbie...taken at the Magfi Open Magic Competition when Lou won the Grand Prize

Another set of pictures show a signed Lou Hilario Caricature poster given to me by Lou at the recent Magfi Magic Convention. It now hangs in one of our small rooms in our house along with other Magicians and Ventriloquists posters.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Carcamo Wood figure FOR SALE

One of a kind WOOD FIGURE from Ony Carcamo...
Hand Carved from Jelutope wood...has ball and socket neck...raising eyebrows and left to right eyes (Not self centering)

Yours for only $850 plus shipping

Friday, August 3, 2007

I'm Nicolo again

I was hoping I could sell this Poyner figure so I can keep the Selberg... but nobody was interested so I had to sell the Selberg and settle with this big head figure. There is nothing wrong with this fact, he is a big hit in kidshows.

So welcome back...NICOLO

Goodbye to my Selberg Dream

It was my dream to own a Selberg and it became true when I bought not just any other ordinary Selberg figure but a BASSWOOD SELBERG FIGURE with TRIGGER CONTROLS. It's a true work of art...this figure will simply make anybody smile my merely looking at the face. Looks so cute as a girl or a boy...

I had to sell it because I need money for an urgent medical treatment for my wife. She has a lump on her breast that needs series of medical tests. So if you're wondering why I'm selling a dream figure, I guess now you know why.

Anyway, the figure will be sent to a very friendly vent from New York named Sheree...

Goodbye Laurrie Anne

Thanks for the visit...

Thanks for the visit...