Thursday, October 11, 2007

Me and my Vent Act at Padi's Point

Last night, I performed my Vent Act at Padi's Point QC. When I arrived at the venue, I immediately saw a big banner that says MAGIC SHOW. I panicked because I did not have my Magic act with me because my agreement with them is for me to perform my Vent Act. I asked the manager why and the reply I got shocked me. Apparently, the word VENTRILOQUISM might be too heavy for their target market so they opted to use the term Magic Show.

I love doing Magic and Ventriloquism...I can do a full Magic show or a Full Vent show or a mix of both. But I just can't imagine doing a Vent show for a crowd expecting a Magic show...or vise versa.

It's a good thing I had my Axtell Special FX Drawing board with me and my spongeballs :)

In any case, I learned a lot of things in this gig and I got paid in the process... so basically, it's another good night for me and VENTRILOQUISM.

Special thanks to my friends who were there to help me. Flooch, Symond, Chayno, Arnold, Chris Orbon, May Almazan, Bob, Alma, Hazel, Frieda, Abraham and my wife Debbie :)

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