Monday, March 31, 2008

My 40th Birthday

Last night I hosted a birthday dinner for my beloved party agents.

My small way of showing them naman my gratitude sa lahat ng parties na binigay nila akin.
Salamat sa lahat ng dumating... they got a small surprise from me, I hope they liked it.

Sa mga 'di dumating...well okay lang po pero sana paki Google ang meaning ng RSVP he he he :)

Clowning Around, Jelly Bellies, Party Network, Party Station, Kidstar Kastles, Lemonade, Yan-Ple's, Dynamic Impact, Balloon Corner, Dazzling Celebrations, Polkadots, Art Form, Party League and Party Zoo.

Thanks to Wacky,Bingo and Chayno for hosting the party...we all had fun because of your crazy antics :)

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Thanks for the visit...